Coulter Farms

In 2000 Caleb Coulter contacted White Lake Excavating to come up with a solution to stabilize multiple main driving areas on his farm that were prone to continuous eroding. White Lake evaluated and offered up a low cost solution that caught the attention of Coulter. Coulter approved of having White Lake perform a test section. Coulter drove numerous heavy tractors with loaded apple box trailers over the area, and kept a close eye on how the weather affected it. He was amazed to see that this test section withstood the abuse. So amazed, that he brought it to the attention of the Oceana Conservation District. Seeing the dramatic impact this use had at Coulter Farms, the Conservation District prompted a program we know of today as HUAP (Heavy Use Area Protection), a program that assists eligible farms stop the erosion of their precious, fertile soil. Coulter continues to have White Lake stabilize areas on his farm on a yearly basis. He believes this process not only fixes the erosion problem but also increases the value of his farm and its appearance.